"Robin leads fun, safe and effective group fitness classes for all levels of participants and excels at making everyone feel welcome. Robin is skilled at "edu-tainment": she shares great health related information while engaging her class participants to laugh and enjoy themselves. I'd welcome the chance to workout at her fitness "party" anytime."

Beth Yarzab, Toronto
Career Fit Mom

"As a yoga teacher Robin exudes warmth and openness. She connects easily with her students creating a welcoming and safe atmosphere. Her creativity and facility for language help to create engaging and enjoyable experiences for her students."

Jennifer Reis, creator of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® and faculty at Kripalu School of Yoga, Lennox. MA
Jennifer Reis Yoga

"Robin is a sparkly, intelligent, big-hearted, creative force—and as a yoga teacher she is more than a gift for body, breath, heart, and mind."

Coby Kozlowski, One of Yoga Journal's "top 7 teachers who have changed the practice of yoga", and faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Lennox, MA

"Robin is an inspirational and motivating running coach who has improved my form and endurance tremendously - all while having tons of fun! Her thoughtful, personalized nutrition coaching also helped me make many positive changes in my diet and I’ve never felt better!"

Rachel Slaven, Toronto

"I feel truly supported and cared for in Robin's class. Her beautiful and charismatic presence shines through in her classes; one feels as if they are led on an adventure into the self. Her pure heart and zest for life allow me to feel free to be truly myself."

Kirby Culbertson

"Having never run more than 1km in my life, running was not only a challenge but a fear for me. In ten weeks Robin took me under her wing, taught me running technique, paced me, trained with me and even ran with me, keeping it fun and always throwing in the right level of obstacle to keep my training challenging. At week ten I ran my first half-marathon! Robin even ran it at my side encouraging me and cheering me on the whole way! Without her I would have never known what my body and mind were capable of!"

Breanne Jackson, Vancouver, Canada

"Robin is an excellent running coach. She helped me prepare for my first marathon. Not only did she help me schedule my training routine but she coached me on my nutrition and always provided friendly motivation which kept the experience fun! I felt great about myself! I would work with her again in a heart beat."

Brandyn McKinson, Toronto, Ontario

"Robin is such a fun, welcoming and engaging fitness instructor. Her classes are well planned, dynamic, and energetic! You hardly know you're working out!"

Julia Juhas, Toronto, Ontario

"As a performer constantly on the road I can get into very bad eating habits. Robin, the nutrition expert that she is, took me under her wing and taught me a healthier way of living that has forever influenced my life for the better! Thanks Robin!"

Alana Randall, New York City

"Robin Evan Willis is a passionate and intelligent nutrition coach who is dedicated to spreading the joy and ease of living a healthier and more balanced life. Her infectious energy, meticulous work ethic, and delicious, nutritious alternatives to cooking normally unhealthy meals have inspired me to make better, healthier and lasting choices in my eating and in my life. Robin gives clear explanations and thoughtful attention to the individuals she engages with. I would recommend her to anyone seeking nutrition or fitness advice!"

Glenn Sevillo, Toronto, Ontario

"Robin possesses the beautiful gift of sharing yoga by offering themed classes that resonate in the heart. She is able to connect with her students and bring an element of fun and radiance to her teaching."

Sara Wilbur, Massachusetts

"As a yoga teacher Robin is above all welcoming and professional. She is encouraging of every student in her class no matter their skill level. She leads dynamic, soothing and smooth classes. It is so easy to get lost in your body and breath with Robin as your guide."

Angie Zavitz, Peterborough, Ontario